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At Sylar B's Space, we promise to only sell high quality, products that are kid-tested and mother approved. We want you and your little ones to love every item you purchase.

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About Us 

About Us


Hi there, our caring mommies and loving daddies,


Welcome to SyB’s Space - a family-owned business delivering exciting toys for all creative kiddos out there. We at SyB’s Space know what it takes to be a good parent. For us, there is nothing more important than giving your child all the love and care, and helping them make new discoveries “all by myself’. 


SyB’s Space was founded with the intention to provide modern parents with eco-friendly toys to kindle their little ones’ creativity. Our world is full of all kinds of technologies that make our children spend days and nights staring in the screen of their smartphone, instead of looking for new adventures and make exciting discoveries. For this very reason, supplying your child with mind-broadening educational toys is key. 



Our Story


The idea to open a toy store appeared after my son - Sylar B - was born. I wanted to protect my child from all the harm that constant use of technology have on children, and I felt that our world was lacking high-quality eco-friendly toys that do what they are supposed to do - nurture your kid’s creativity in a fun way. 


This is how SyB’s Space was founded, with the sole purpose of helping you find the right toys for your little ones. By curating our toy selection, we commit to not only enriching families, but also to improving our environment. All of our toys and craft kits are made of natural non-toxic materials or even foods that will not anyhow harm your child and environment. When choosing SyB’s Space toys, there is no need to worry about your child’s safety. 



Our Mission


As a new parent, you might feel lost and confused when choosing creativity toys for your kiddo. At SyB’s Space, we know that from our own experience. Bright colors, toxic plastics, and loud sounds effects of modern toys might not be the best thing for your kid. 


We at SyB’s Space are devoted to delivering only those toys that will help your kid explore the world, and stay creative all throughout their childhood. We want you to give your child all love, kindness and care they deserve through our creativity toys. 



Our Goals


Our ultimate goal at SyB’s Space is to support moms and dads in raising happy and creative kiddos. All toys that we offer at our toy store provide “a smarter way to play” by stimulating creativity, and inspiring new exciting ideas. 


When shopping at SyB’s Space, you can be sure that you get top-class customer service. If you feel lost and do not know what toys are best for your little one, simply drop us a line, and we will help you out. We build our toy store around the “family first” culture, and as loving parents ourselves, we are aimed at making our toys as meaningful as we can.